Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2012 vs. 1992

The Olympic Team vs. Dream Team story is so stupid.  It was dumb of Kobe to say the 2012 team could beat the Dream Team.  Especially considering that the 2012 team isn't even healthy.  But it's not just Kobe I disagree with.  I'm also not in complete agreement with people when it comes to why Kobe's team would lose.  The dumbest reasoning used is the outcomes of the Dream Team's games.  To pretend for one second that the competition they faced is anywhere near the quality of opposition the current team will face is asinine.  Dominating subpar competition doesn't unequivocally prove greatness; dominating a Kukoc-led team doesn't prove you could dominate a LeBron-led team.  The other point of emphasis that I'm not a big fan of is the "11 Hall of Famers" point.  Only because it could've been matched, in theory.  A team of LeBron, Durant, Carmelo, Kobe, Wade, Howard, Duncan, Garnett, Love, Paul, Rose, and Kidd (in the Larry Bird inactive role) could contain 11, or even 12, future HOFers (maybe if that team existed, Kobe's challenge of the Dream Team wouldn't look so foolish).  The lack of HOF status of the current team is more a result of circumstances than it is a result of an inability to produce potential HOF talent.  Therefore, I don't think "point differential" and "11 HOFers" should be the primary arguments for a Dream Team victory.  The real reason I think the Dream Team is the best Olympic Team ever is because of their competitiveness.  The Dream Team documentary coverage of their practices was amazing.  I don't think anyone on the current team goes at it like Barkley and Malone or Magic and Michael.  So even if a team in 2012 could come close to matching the talent, they wouldn't come close to matching the ferocity.  And that's why the Dream Team would win.

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